Monday, March 4, 2013

English 1st paper suggestion for JSC exam 2013

 1. Oxygen and air pressure are ---------------------------------- enjoyable flight.
2.      The ethnic people in Bangladesh ---------------------------------- in Mymensingh.
3.      Bangladeshi cuisine ----------------------------- people.
4.      River gypsies in Bangladesh ------------------------ in some areas.
5.      Nakshi Katha ------------------------------------ on them.
6.      Communication of ideas is at ------------------------- changed our life.
7.      River gypsies are ---------------------- special power.
8.      Ms Subarna shaha -------------------------------------------
9.      The word ‘hygiene’ means ----------------------------
10.  At the farthest corner ------------------------ in nature.
11.  A six year-old boy from -------------------- on our website.
12.  With only 2,500 ---------------------------- in 2012.
13.  Human beings conquered -------------------- a major accident.
14.  The Falcon hypersonic ------------------ days to come.
15.  Most of these ethnic -------------------- for them.

1.      Write an application to the headmaster of your school for opening/setting up a common room/English language club/literary club/debating club/reading room.  JSC 10.
2.      Write an application to the headmaster of your school for morning school. JSC 10.
3.      Write an application to the headmaster of your school for a seat in hostel. JSC 11
4.      Write an application to the headmaster of your school for permission to arrange a study tour. JSC 11
5.      Write an application to the headmaster of your school for T.C.
6.      Write an application to the headmaster of your school for readmission.
7.      Write an application to the headmaster of your school for a full free studentship/help from the poor fund/stipend.
8.      Write an application to the chairman for sinking tube well in your locality.
9.      Write an application to the chairman for the construction of a bridge.
10.  Write an application to the headmaster of your school for providing more facilities in the common room/reading/ English language club/literary club/debating club.
  1. ***About preparation for the ensuing JSC exam.
  2. ***Describing study tour/picnic.
  3. **Inviting to join a picnic.
  4. ***Thanking for sending a wonderful birthday gift.
  5. About how to improve English.
  6. Describing the importance of reading books/reading newspaper/physical exercise/tree plantation/learning English.
  7. **Inviting to attend your birthday party.
  8. About your train journey.
  9. ***About your aim in life
  10. Congratulating on brilliant success.
  11. Advising to be punctual/ serious to studies.
  12. ***Thanking for hospitality
  13. About a street accident that you have witnessed.
  14. Condolence at the sudden death of your friend’s father
15.  About what you intend to do during summer vacation
1.      Once upon a time there was a farmer who had a wonderful goose.  Every morning she laid ----------------------------------------.JSC 10
2.      Once in a very hot day a fox came to a vineyard where he saw some grapes. The grapes were ripe and ----------------------------------.JSC 11
3.      There lived a wood cutter in a village. One day he -----------------------------.
4.      A farmer had three sons-------------------------------------------------------------.
5.      A shepherd/cowboy-----------------------------------------------------------.
6.      One summer day, a crow got very thirsty. It searched ------------------------.
7.      One day a hare met a tortoise on the way. The hare laughed ----------------.
8.      . One day a lion was sleeping in its cave. A mouse was playing ----------------.
9.      Once upon a time, two friends were walking through a forest. They ---------------.
10.  There lived a farmer in a village. He had a wonderful goose. The goose -----------.
11.  Robert Bruce -----------------------------------------------------------------------.
12.  Two cats stole a piece of cake ----------------------------------------.
1.      ****A journey by boat/bus/train/plane
2.      The duties of student
3.      Your favorite hobby
4.      Wonders of modern science
5.      Physical exercise
6.      Newspaper
7.      Your daily life
8.      A village fair


  1. is there any change in syllabus of english 1st and 2nd paper of class eight ?? if any change please give me the suggestion of these full syllabus.

    1. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
      Charmandary, Faridgonj, Chandpur
      Marks Distribution of Class –Eight English 1st paper Total Marks: 100, Reading: 60, Writing: 40
      SL MARKS
      Reading : 60
      01 • MCQ 5
      02 • Answering Questions 10
      03 • True/False 5
      04 • Cloze test with clues 5
      05 • Cloze test without clues 5
      06 • Information Transfer 5
      07 • Matching 5
      08 • Rearranging 10
      09 • Summarizing 10
      Writing :40
      10 • Writing Paragraph answering questions 10
      11 • Completing story 10
      12 • Writing informal letters 10
      13 • Writing short dialogues 10
      English 2nd paper
      Total Marks : 50,Grammar : 30 , Composition : 20
      01 Gap filling activities with or without clues (use of articles ) 3
      02. Gap filling activities with or without clues (prepositions etc.) 3
      03 Changing sentences (affirmative to negative and interrogative and Vice versa, positive to comparative or superlative and vice versa , active to passive and vice versa) 5
      04 Substitution table 4
      05 Narrative style (direct to indirect and vice versa) 4
      06 Use of suffixes and prefixes 4
      07 Capitalization and Punctuation 3
      08 Right forms of verbs 4
      09 Formal letter / email 8
      10 Writing composition on personal experience and familiar topics , recent events /incidents 12

  2. actually a new question pattern and mark distribution has been made by the NCTB for the English 1st and 2nd paper.So all JSC candidates are going to need NEW and DIFFERENT suggestions according to the NEW pattern...

  3. Plz sir give the rearrange suggestions

  4. Sir, where is the paragraph suggestion ?

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